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A Preface

If you are under 18, please talk with a trusted adult before proceeding. This series addresses some adult topics with adult language. Thank you.

January 3. It starts.

I’m getting dressed, and there’s a … lump. Maybe a…a ridge. A… something. It’s something.

Is that a lump? What is that? If I’ve never had a lump, how am I supposed to identify a lump? How do I not know how to do this? Crap. Can I find the same thing on the other side? That seems like a reasonable thing to check. Ummm… No. Nothing else feels like that. Crap. It’s nothing. It’s nothing. It’s so totally nothing. I bet I can’t even find it again if I try. Crap. Yes, I can. That’s a lump. No. Yes. Damnit. Yes. That’s definitely a lump. It’s a lump. Well…well, fuck.


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