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We should all take the time to read this letter from our sister in arms, Eve Ensler, one of the greatest voices of womankind in the last hundred years.

Catherine Hofmann

This open letter is an important read for all men and women, especially women, especially men with daughters or who plan on having children and especially those who are planning on voting Republican. The decisions made in the next 4 years regarding women’s health will affect you and your daughters and sisters and mothers someday so you better make sure you make the right decision now.

Here is the story:

MIssouri Rep. Todd Akin told a MIssouri TV reporter  “If it’s legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” in regards to a rape victim becoming preganant. That’s odd, because the Center for Disease Control reported more than 32,000 pregnancies a year are a product of rape. In response, Eve Ensler, an American playwright, performer and women’s right activist wrote an open letter to Mr. Akin from the Congo, where she is currently helping rape…

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